How To Create Free Website With Lifetime Free Domain , Free Hosting And Free SSL Certificate

 How To Create Free Website With Lifetime  Free Domain, Free Hosting, And Free SSL Certificate

Dear all, welcome to S.B.Tech, In our Blog tutorial dedicated to Blogger 2022, one of the best online platforms to realize your custom blog just In 5  minutes we will see everything you need to know to create and edit your blog on the Blogger website are totally free .. Blogger is the best option in case you want to build post and pages without learning any coding and it is also much easier than Wordpress. You Don't have to need purchase Domain And Hosting. We make our website with lifetime free Domain And Hosting, with free SSL certificate.

To start with the Blogger website, just go to Google, and search " Blogspot . com " or, blogger . com. When opening this webpage you just click on Create Your Blog. 

How To Create Free Website With Lifetime  Free Domain , Free Hosting And Free SSL Certificate

Now login with your Google account means Gmail account, 

1. Choose your main website's name (website Title) for your blog. 

How To Create Free Website With Lifetime  Free Domain , Free Hosting And Free SSL Certificate

2. Choose a custom URL, which means your Domain name, that will take .blogspot as the main domain by default, for example. "". Which name is available, you select your choice.

How To Create Free Website With Lifetime  Free Domain , Free Hosting And Free SSL Certificate

we will see how to insert a custom domain at the end of this Article. Click here to know the full process.

Now Your website is ready. At this point, you enter into your main blog Dashboard. A  (GDPR )  General Data Protection Regulation notice informs you that cookies are added to your blog automatically in order to be compliant with the privacy regulations. Allow all and View your Website, To get a live preview click on View Blog in the dashboard's bottom left corner. By default theme, this has a very simple design to look at, with the main title on top, the post list at the bottom, and your profile information on the left. Let's see how to realize posts. 

How To Create Free Website With Lifetime  Free Domain , Free Hosting And Free SSL Certificate

Now you have to create your post. You can start writing one by going to " New Post ". 

At first ensure " compose view mode ", its help you to simply writing. Select left side's 1st row, below in title section, and Select 'pencil icon '. Now start writing.

At first, you type your Article Title, On top define the post name and then type the body content at the bottom. You can also copy-paste any piece of text. On top, you get several buttons to build your posts such as the undo and redo buttons, Font type to change the font family, and Font size to

Adjust its size. Make sure to select any text first. You can also apply different formats including Paragraph and several Headings (h1, h2 tags, and so on). Next to it, you can change the text style, text fill color, or background color. 

With the link button, you can also include hyperlinks, download links, affiliate links, etc. specifying the piece of text to insert, the destination address, and the option to open the link on a new browser window. Click on Insert Image to browse for any image from your computer, Smartphone, Mobile, or any URL, adjusting alignment, size, captions, and ALT attributes. Whereas with Insert video you can include any video from your computer or directly from YouTube, resizing it if you need. Moreover, you can include emojis, adjust any paragraph alignment or add

Bulleted or numbered lists

Bulleted or numbered lists. You can also drop quotes, horizontal separators and use Input Tools to define the correct language of your post. If you are ready click on Publish on the right to apply all and make your post live. The editor just seen is the most simple and intuitive one called Compose view. You can also switch to HTML view to check or even write the direct HTML code used to realize your post. This also gets updated when working with the Compose view. On the right side, you have the Post settings. Here you can add labels (or tags) to find your post on your blog or on the internet, change the post-publication date, or get the post Permalink, used to share the post anywhere. On-Location insert any interesting place and open Options to

Manage the comments permissions on such posts

Manage the comments permissions on such posts. Use Update to apply and save all. As you save and publish posts, these will all appear under the Posts section and get listed on your Home Page according to the layout of your blog. This shows a bigger Featured Post (the latest article) and all the other posts at the bottom, composing the Page Body. This is the default layout but you can fully change and customize it by opening the Layout section. Each layout is made of several elements, each containing one or more Gadgets. For example, you can take the Sidebar on the left and hide your blogger profile from it or change the Gadget orders. Make sure to save it to get a quick preview of it.

You can also add a new Gadget to include AdSense banners,( when you are eligible for google AdSense ), custom HTML codes, or search bars. In the same way, you can hide or show the Header on top, specify any Title or Description or add any image as background. You can also change the Featured Post appearance by showing or hiding the title, abstract, or thumbnail from it. On-Page Body sets the number of posts and comments to show. At the bottom, you can adjust the blog Footer to add attributions and Copyright notices. Moreover, you can open the Pages section to realize other blog pages besides the default Home. You can go to New Page and then to the Compose or the HTML view as seen for the posts. Then use Publish to save and apply all.

This page is added and shown on your Dashboard but it does not appear on your blog automatically like the posts. It remains unreachable unless you share its permalink on your blog or on the internet. One of the best ways to do so is to add this link to a dedicated Menu. To add a Menu go to Layout and then to Page List, adding all interested pages and adjusting their order. Now let's see how to customize the blog appearance! This is defined by a ready template called Theme. Up to now, we have shown this one on top but there are loads of others available on Blogger that you can select, check and Apply live. These Themes can change not just the basic appearance and color but also the overall layout of your blog. On top, you can go to Customize to edit your current theme in detail. From

Manage the comments permissions on such posts


The left-click under Background image to browse for any image to use as the main background. You can also change the Main color theme on some pieces of text, menus, and buttons, according to the options provided by the theme. If you need to customize more you have to include HTML codes as we will see shortly. Under Advanced you find other options to edit the elements you have such as background color, font style and color, and also the colors on links, visited links, and hover-links. All these options change according to the element chosen. Whereas under Gadgets you can edit all the gadgets present. To save and publish all use the Save button in the bottom right corner. Next to the Customize button, you can make a Backup of the current theme or

Restore it to restart from its original version. You can also switch to an older generation theme and Edit the HTML code to apply modifications not possible with the simple theme interface just seen. In the Comments section, you can check and manage all comments left by hiding, flagging, or removing any. Whereas on Stats you can check how your website is performing and on Earnings, you can connect and check your AdSense account stats, if you have any links. Inside Settings, you can adjust several blog options such as title, description, or blog language. You can also add warnings in case you treat adult content and add any Google Analytics ID to get details on your traffic and performance. Moreover, you can click on Favicon to customize the icon of the browser.

If you want to change your theme, you have to need to buy a premium theme. Don't worry, You have no need to buy anything. You just search in Google " apkpuree .xyz " and go to my other website, and select Blogger template, and download any Theme or Template which you love are totally free forever.

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